The emergency setup is far more extensive so you are able to cope with any unforeseen event. We have ensured that all SASA required emergency equipment and pharmaceuticals are available as well as a few additional pieces of equipment that we felt might add benefit in any imaginable emergency scenario. Should you need to, you will have the ability to run a full medical resuscitation.

It is important to note that as much as we are more than prepared for any emergency it is extremely unlikely that this should happen as the most important part of our process is careful patient selection both for procedure and co-morbidities.
As an anaesthetist you may have been approached by your Surgeon to provide sedation for procedures in his rooms. Unfortunately he may not have equipment or may have inadequate equipment to perform these procedures in a safe manner.

Sound Asleep provides the ability to conduct in room conscious sedation in an entirely safe setting. Not only do we provide equipment, monitoring and pharmaceuticals for the actual sedation, but all other equipment required to be in line with SASA guidelines for safe sedation.

The sedation setup includes the standard 3 point monitoring as for any general anaesthetic, oxygen with nasal cannula, venflons and a variety of sedative pharmaceuticals.


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