• A responsible adult must be present to transport you home after the sedation. If you have no escort to transport you home, sedation will not be given.
  • You should remain in the company of a responsible adult for the remainder of the day.
  • For 24 hours after the sedation you may not drive a motor vehicle, operate machinery including home DIY equipment or sign any legally binding documents.
  • For 24 hours after the sedation you may not participate in any activities that require alertness or coordination e.g. swimming or cycling.
  • If you take any regular medication it is important to ask your sedationist when you may resume taking it after the sedation.
  • Food and drink should be introduced slowly after sedation, if it is tolerated then you may proceed to your normal diet.
  • In the unlikely event that you have post sedation nausea then taking small amounts of fluid is recommended. If this causes no improvement, or more importantly, progresses to vomiting, then you should contact your sedationist on the relevant numbers.
  • If you have not passed urine for over 6 hours after the sedation it will be necessary to contact your sedationist on the relevant numbers.
  • Memory loss for the period around, and including, the sedation, is normal and should not last for more than a few hours.


  • If you suffer from any medical conditions or take any acute or chronic medication it is essential that you inform your anaesthetist. To this end, a medical questionnaire is included in this website. Once completed, it will be emailed to your sedationist. This will allow us to order any appropriate investigations and make a decision as to whether or not sedation is appropriate for you.
  • It is important to note that all herbal and homeopathic medication and recreational drugs must be included as any of these may impact on your sedation.
  • If you feel sick or unwell, please contact Sound Asleep Sedation Service so that we may decide if it is necessary to postpone your treatment.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes with loose fitting or short sleeves.
  • Starvation guidelines apply as for any anaesthetic: No food, only clear fluids for 6 hours before the sedation and nothing at all for 2 hours before the sedation. Clear fluids are non particulate fluids that you are able to read newsprint through. Good examples are water, clear apple juice and sports drinks. Anything else is considered a full meal.
  • If you are taking a chronic medication it is important that you DO take it on the day of your sedation unless directed not to by your sedationist.
  • Please arrive at least thirty minutes prior to your appointment. This will allow for the necessary physical exam and any other interventions that are deemed important.
  • Please empty your bladder before the procedure.
  • The establishment of a drip or intravenous cannula in a vein in your hand or arm is necessary before the procedure can start.


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